When Do Paparazzi Parents Cross The Line?

[twitter]My grandfather turned 90 last week and our entire family gathered from across the continent to celebrate. Cousins met for the first time, and instant familial bonds were forged. When my 4-year-old, Charlie, gave 16-month-old Eloise a big hug, I was right there at ground level to snap it, filter it, and toss it on Instagram.

“My sister and I make cute kids. Wait. That sounds wrong,” I smugly captioned it before adding a dozen hashtags. But suddenly, there was a nagging little voice in the back of my head: My sister doesn’t put pictures of her kid online. My brother-in-law is a little tight with the leash on that rule. I’d better double check.

I showed her the picture, she agreed it was cute, and then asked me to delete it. No problem. Her kid, her rules.

But while that kind of thing is easy to manage when you’re in a small family environment, how do you make sure those rules are respected when you’re not?

For some schools, the answer is to ban all photography.


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