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My wife and kids have been having their own week away on a road trip to the coast. I was so looking forward to it. I had so many big plans.

I was going to clear out the queue of blog ideas and scraps of posts I had sitting around.

I was going to overhaul my office, and get things tidy. I was going to go through all the boys’ toys in their rooms and playroom and weed out things they don’t play with.

I was going to clean out my closets and dressers. I was going to finally tackle a stack of paperwork. I was going to paint the basement.

I was going to get in some evening games of golf and poker.

I was going to get so many things done that needed to be done and I was going to get so many things done that I wanted to do. Free from distractions, I was going to be a machine.

I wasn’t.

As my week alone draws to a close I’ve accomplished only a few things from the list. I played golf. I ate a lot of sushi. I binged an entire season of Prison Break that had been sitting on the PVR since spring. I know that wasn’t on the list. But I did it.

I had bold plans for this week.

I thought it was going to be an amazing week, instead I got lost in my own thoughts. I had all these things to do, and yet I got bored. Without the frenetic energy of family around, I found it easy to fall into the couch, and the big screen, and the remote.

The biggest project I accomplished was taping out the basement. We haven’t painted it since we moved in nearly 8 years ago, and it’s been on the list for a while. It was supposed to be a surprise while my wife was away, but I only got half finished – I got the taping done.

I grabbed a stack of Painter’s Mate Green® painter’s tape. I’ve used it for years – because I can’t cut in. My wife thinks she can, the drop of blue paint on the ceiling of Zacharie’s room disagrees.

So when it comes to big painting jobs, I lay out the drop cloths, I tape all the walls, and corners, and I make sure that if I make a mistake,  Painter’s Mate Green® painter’s tapePainter’s Mate catches my drips.  Painter’s Mate is all you need for your prep. It’s a versatile painter’s tape that can be used on a variety of surfaces including painted drywall, wood, metal, glass, windows and trim.

painters mate

This is wetting our feet into home renovation projects. This spring we have plans to haul out the kitchen, do a new tile job, and all the things. Planning for that, I also scooped some Painter’s Mate® Double Sided Poly-Hanging Tape. It’s a new product in Painter’s Mate product line that is an all-in-one double-sided tape solution for hanging poly-sheeting that is cost – and time – efficient. It’s perfect for when poly-sheeting is needed to prep for tasks including painting, sanding, cleaning or remodeling. In other words: my life next spring.

It took me a few hours, but I blasted the tunes, had some soccer and baseball games on the big tv, poured out one of my growlers, and got to work.

painters mate

That’s the kind of wife and kids are away for a week work that made me proud.

I think it looks pretty good, and while I didn’t get all the painting job, I did the hardest part – the prep. Next week, I’m away with the kids for my own week long road trip. Maybe she can get the painting done and surprise me!

UPDATE: It happened! 🙂

Painters Mate Green

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