Home Theatre Install with Geek Squad

I’ve told the stories before. I’m not a handy guy. While last year I turned the corner when it comes to gardening, for many other things I ‘m still happy to have someone else come over and do it quickly, painlessly, and properly.

That includes setting up a new tv.

When Best Buy asked to help redesign my man cave family entertainment area, I didn’t hesitate to invite the Geek Squad to do the set up.

I chose a new 50″ Samsung Ultra 4K tv to replace my old 40″ in the basement. Setting that up would not have been hard at all, it amounted to unboxing the new, attaching the base, and then plugging everything in where it needed to go. Not hard.


And it took Stuart and Hayden from the Geek Squad just 10 minutes to accomplish.


It was the second half of the install I was glad to have help with. I wanted to take the old 40″ tv and then have it wall mounted in our living room. We had a small tv squirreled in to the corner of our bookcase, and while it was ‘okay’ it wasn’t the kind of modern set up most living areas have.


So I wanted the Geek Squad to wall mount the old tv and hide the cables and clean up the rats nest of cables we had in the living room.

I could have done it, but it would have taken all day. This is where the outsourcing of the Man Card comes in handy. Stuart and Hayden were done in less than 2 hours.

While one was in the basement making sure all the channels worked and setting up all the apps I needed on the new Samsung, the other was upstairs methodically working on the install. 2 birds, one stone.

geek squad

And along the way, I learned a valuable tip: instead of writing on the wall with pencil when you’re hanging something, use painters’ tape.

The Geek Squad guys measured out the width of the studs, and found the centre of the wall for mounting, all by placing little strips of tape on the wall – it was genius. Easy to pick up and replace if the measurement is off, and no mess on the wall.


All I had to do today was take the items off the shelves, watch the guys do the work, and then put the pictures back on the shelves when they were done.

This was the easiest install ever.


The boys were in and out, cleaned up, trouble shooted, and explained everything to me. I didn’t have to not read one single manual, I didn’t make any mistakes, I didn’t break a sweat, it was all done perfectly.


I’ll get to see them again in a couple of weeks when they come in for a colour calibration on the new tv. You get that done once the tv’s pixels have been put through their paces after 150 hours of viewing or so.

And the next step is painting the cord cover and then working on the design of the space. We need to get rid of the big, dark bulky bookcases and replacing them with shorter, sleeker versions while tossing all the clutter. I wonder if the Geek Squad does Ikea builds too?

And now I’m ready for The Masters. A 50″ 4k Ultra HD tv showing me the beauty of Augusta National? I can’t wait until April.

Disclosure: I was compensated with a Best Buy Gift Card for this post. All words and opinions are my own.

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