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[twitter]Every town has its carnival type attraction, in Calgary that is Calaway Park. For $40 you can get a season’s pass, and considering the park is just a 10 minute ride from our door, it’s a great place to get out and have a few rides after dinner, or spend half a day in the summer.

The boys love it, and as we hit the park this weekend, we got a reminder of how much they both have grown since the fall of 2011.

height chart at calaway park

In fact, The Chooch was tall enough to ride the bumper cars for the first time, just squeaking over the bar. He went round and round in circles, but he loved it.

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We also hit the bumper boats, Zacharie’s favorite ride and got soaked.

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And a trip to Calaway Park wouldn’t be complete without a few dollars down on the counter of Stinky Feet. This midway game has you using your squirt gun (bathtub faucet) to follow the target around the dirty kid in the tub. Get 150 points first, and you win. Guess who scrubbed up the fastest in the tub two times in a row?


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The staff at Calaway Park have always been top notch. They are the same teens you see working the drive-thru, but here they always have a smile, are always polite, and will go out of their way to make sure you’re having a good time. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Make sure you get a season’s pass if you plan on going to Calaway Park more than twice. Early season passes are $40 and pay for themselves after 2 visits.

Coolers, and snacks are more than welcome inside the park, and you’ll often see people pulling a wagon with a big cooler to eat at the grassy picnic area. This is the best option for eats at Calaway Park as the choices are limited to burgers, fries, hot dogs, and chicken fingers. Our dinner of two water bottles, an orange juice, 2 hot dogs, 1 chicken strips, and 1 cheese burger came to $34. Yikes. The food is my only downer at Calaway Park, and if I had planned better we could have done a DIY on the grass for much cheaper (and better).dadcamp fire

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