[twitter]Today’s Parent Magazine, not Today’s Mom, Today’s Woman, Today’s PARENT dropped the above on Twitter and Facebook today.

I’m so over it.

Parenting is a TEAM sport.

Dads are involved. We care, we do, we love, we parent.

Tonight I picked the boys up from school and was first to arrive at a parent teacher interview. Then I made dinner, tomorrow we’ll all clean the house, I’ll take the boys grocery shopping, then Jen will take them to birthday parties, and we’ll ride bikes, and go on hikes.

I won’t do all of it, Jen won’t do all of it, WE WILL DO ALL OF IT. Because parenting is a team sport. It’s damn exhausting, but that exhaustion and lack of a real weekend is not exclusive to moms – dads feel it too.


It’s a shame a publication with a title like Today’s PARENT Magazine plays to lowest common denominator click bait instead of raising the bar. Let me guess: moms like wine, pinterest, and their husband is just another child they have to look after? Hardy har har.

It’s time to appreciate dads are parents too.

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