This post is sponsored by Hyundai Canada and the 2017 Ioniq

hyundai ioniq

This summer, you don’t even need to know where you’re going. Just point your car in a direction and go.

And then stop.

The perfect kind of summer road trip is the one where you stop at all the things.

Point of interest? Stop.

Scenic viewpoint? Stop.

Small town just off the main highway? Stop.

I pulled this stunt with my sons last summer. It showed us bizarre trees

burmis tree

Stumbled us into historic ruins

Leitch Collieries

And then landed us in a community barbecue next to an old abandoned mine

Bellevue Mine

We found unique ice cream stores, lost waterfalls. We chased huge windmills, wandered ghost towns, and discovered all the things we usually whizz right past, too busy to get to the next destination.

This summer, when you’re taking your summer day trip, don’t give yourself a destination, give yourself a time frame.

Go for half your day, and then come back for half your day (hopefully taking a different path).

Find roadside markets, try lonely diners, stop at the signs marking a historical happening and learn about something you may have forgotten.

A road trip like this is relaxing, interesting, and easy. You’re never going to get bored in the car because you’re getting out to explore every 20 minutes or half an hour. It isn’t so much a drive as it is an experience.

This post is sponsored by Hyundai Canada

Taking a road trip like this is even better when you do it in a vehicle that is comfortable, efficient, and fun to drive.

The 2017 Hyundai Ioniq is not just a better way to get around; it’s a better car.

2017 hyundai ioniq

The 2017 Ioniq is one of the latest innovations from Hyundai and one worth boasting about. Hybrid and electric vehicles should be exciting and fun to drive — that is the Ioniq philosophy.

There are 3 different power train options;

  • A hybrid that can run on  a gas engine, an electric motor, or both with a range of over 1000 km on a single tank
  • An electric-only power train featuring a compact, lightweight battery that can travel up to 200 km on a full charge
  • An electric and hybrid power train that can be charged at home, with the option to fire up the gas engine if you run out of electricity

Hybrids offer efficiency and electric cars are brilliant, and the Hyundai Ioniq steps things up with thoughtful amenities, advanced safety features and ingenious design. Not to mention a very rewarding drive… in fact, driving the Ioniq is almost like a video game.

Ioniq shows Hyundai’s commitment to developing advanced, environmentally conscious technologies. The Hyundai vision is to lead the industry by developing advanced propulsion vehicles that are fun to drive, have great style and are better for the environment.

Earlier this spring, I took the Hyundai Ioniq on a road trip with my sons, read the review, and watch this video:

Forget everything you ever thought about hybrid and electric cars. The all-new 2017 Ioniq is the world’s first vehicle to be powered by a choice of three different electrified powertrain options in a single model: hybrid, electric and electric plus.

Combining industry leading technologies, ground-breaking use of materials, aerodynamic design and a wealth of intelligent features, the 2017 Ioniq prioritizes a smarter, progressive approach to driving — from the way the vehicles look, to the way they drive, to the way it fits your life.

2017 Ioniq pricingstart  $24,299 for the Hybrid and the EV at $35,649. See your local dealer for details.

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