[twitter]The dadbod has been embraced this year, and it’s a wonderful thing. It’s that sort of body acceptance that says: be healthy but be you.

I’m all for it, really. When you’re a parent you spend a lot of time at home, because your kids are asleep and someone needs to watch them and babysitters are expensive. So the evening running club is harder to join, the afternoon weekend adventures get interrupted by nap schedules, and you end up spending a lot of time sitting around.

As the kids get older, their workout schedule curtails yours. You run them from swimming to hockey to dance without doing any ‘real’ running yourself. Parent schedules are busy and it takes real work to get in a real workout, so well, we don’t.

And so as moms embrace what happens to real people after they give birth, so must dads embrace what happens when you spend more time looking after your kids than looking after yourself. Mombod and dadbod are real.

But what about the dadbutt?

I saw the dadbutt in front of me in line at the grocery store this week.

It was a fellow a few years older than me in a pair of old jeans that just sagged. Not quite like a diaper, but now tight to his backside. They drooped. It was the polar opposite of what the Kardashians and Destiny’s Child boast about.

Instead of a bootylicious bubble, it looked more like a Bubblicious bubblegum bubble had burst.


This is what happens when we get older, men. When we’re less active and our dadbod settles in, it’s not just about the manboobs or the beer belly, the backside adjusts to become a dadbutt.

I have a dadbod. I have a dadbutt.

While I’m getting that bod back into shape with training for another marathon with Team Diabetes, it will take some time. So enough of the lazy, cheap, don’t fit jeans. I went to Mark’s and got me a stack of denim to try on properly.

Dadbutt happens when you’re not working out as much, and it is made worse when you fight your waist number. Sure, you used to be a 32 or a 34, but now you’re a 36 or 38 or more. Fighting that inflation of your waist means that those jeans sit below your belly. Sure, you’ve squeezed into a lower number and you cinched it in, but now the back sags. And, well, it doesn’t look good.

Get a waist that fits around where it’s supposed to go, or choose a low rise jean to naturally sit lower, and your dadbutt will look as good as it can.

Check out this video of my Mark’s shopping adventure:

I’ve found some denim that fit. I got a lower rise, with more stretch and when I was shopping at Mark’s I got them at 50% off my second pair and scooped bonus Scene codes for a couple of free movies. Win. Win. Win. I got some good jeans for me genes, and I’m ready to embrace my dadbutt.


(Note that’s not my butt, but it’s how I imagine my butt now looks)

Disclosure: This branded content appears in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes Canada.

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