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[twitter]It has been 3 years since I started DadCAMP. In the fall of 2009 I was unemployed and looking for a way to generate passive income while I spent extra time with my kids.

I created a collective of Dads to organize meetups, have some networking, and play time with our brood. DadCAMP was born.

In the spring of 2010, I was approached by Six Apart to write for Man Of The House. I submitted content for them for a few months. Next up was Erica Ehm and The Yummy Mummy Club who added me to their stable of rosters early in 2011. I would write for Erica for a year before the big blog came knocking.

Babble is the biggest parenting community online. A part of Disney, it is home to dozens of the biggest blog brands, best writers, and most clever people in the community. In the spring of 2012, I joined the team.

I’m not a diary blogger. You know, the sort that has pictures of their kids each day with a running storyline of what they’re about.

I don’t do that.

Most of the popular bloggers run a ‘reality show’ online. People become captured by the drama of their lives. I prefer to discuss issues that face parents, and talk about my own struggles with certain challenges as opposed to a running commentary.

It’s that blunt writing that announced my arrival to the parent blogging scene this fall when I wrote a post about how I had a favorite kid that would put DadCAMP on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, Anderson, Inside Edition, Macleans, The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, and dozens of other news outlets.

I started DadCAMP to meet other dads, and to explore the questions and answers that face parents every day, and maybe collect some pennies along the way. Having the site recognized on this list is very special.

Thank you to Anthony Floyd, JP Holecka, Kenny Friedman, Derek K Miller, Akash Sablok, Sean Funk, Erica Ehm, Julie Van Rosendaal, Sophie Lui, Christopher Halcrow, and all others who have helped this site by offering content, support, encouragement, and opportunity.

Babble’s Top 50 Dad Blogs of 2012 was unveiled today. DadCAMP debuted at number 16.

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