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How do I monetize my blog?” is the question every blogger has asked after the novelty of writing stories for the sake of writing stories wanes. They see other bloggers writing reviews, attending conferences, doing giveaways, and being wined and dined by brands and they wonder how to get a piece of that pie.

Eventually, a blogger will try to parlay their audience into a payday. It happens to us all. Eventually.

I’m no different. I run Google Ads (see left) on all of my blogs, and the $50 or so a month that brings in is nice when you deposit into a US Dollar Savings Account and don’t touch it for a while. Vegas Baby!

This summer, however, I decided to join the ranks of the monetized by running advertorial content on my sites. I got the idea when I saw that bloggers actually charge companies to post reviews to their sites. I find it a little odd to ask for money personally to write the content, so I decided to “Blog For Charity“.

I’m a huge supporter of Team Diabetes Canada and have raised more than $35 000 over the past 5 years for the Canadian Diabetes Association. I do my best to raise awareness about people living with diabetes, how to prevent getting the disease, and why government needs to support those who have it.

So this summer I started responding to the brand pitches I was previously ignoring by asking for a donation to Team Diabetes Canada in exchange for writing about the company.

And what do you know? Brands said yes.

Since June, more than $8 000 has been raised from brands donating to Team Diabetes. That is so flattering.

Thank you to the following companies and their PR agencies for donating to Team Diabetes Canada. I’m happy to share your message and products with my audience. I hope you’ll do them a favour by clicking on the articles, checking out their products, and returning the kindness they showed by donating to this great cause. In many cases it was the PR rep making the donation on their own without the company even knowing. I can’ t thank you all enough.

ING Direct (now Tangerine) – this is the big one. The gang from ING Direct invited me to do a live broadcast from their Orange Cafe during Stampede and host a BBQ with ALL funds raised going to Team Diabetes. We raised more than $5000 on this day alone and I cannot thank them enough.

Brands Supporting Team Diabetes

Skylander’s Giants – reviewed their new Mega Bloks kits and did a giveaway
McCain’s – with help from Bunch Family, I participated in a chat about the stresses of family dinner
London Drugs – promoted some great Father’s Day gift ideas and gave away my pick (a new cooler!)
Subaru – promoted their Subaru Forester Family Rally (so wish I could have entered)
Shell – ahead of the summer driving season we gave away some gas and a chance to go to Italy
Dads – wrote about a documentary that aired on the CBC showcasing the changing role of the modern dad
Denizen by Levi’s – just ahead of the Calgary Stampede, we talked up this new denim at Target for moms, dads, and kids
BMO – offered up a promotional push to get people to nominate their soccer team for BMO Team Of The Week
ManPack – Aaron Tweedie asked for some help to kickstart his project. I love this bag. I still use it everyday.
Just Be Friends Kids – a company out of Kelowna that is working to make the web a kid-friendly place
Etymotic – a piece about these great inner ear headphones for kids that has volume limiting for their tender ears
Sunrise Foods – these soy super squeezies are a great kid’s treat
Excel Gum –  a piece promoting their Gumergency kits
SleepBelt – a Canadian company that has invented a cozy product for moms to have some hands-free time
RBC – a post promoting their wonderful efforts helping kids find their passion for sport
Mech Mice – from the people that brought you Club Penguin
Minted – a beautiful website that crowd sources designs for stationary, Christmas cards, and more
Cottonelle – Let’s Talk Bums is a campaign to get people to talk about their toilet paper routine

So, what do you think? Would you like to join these great people and help the more than 9 million Canadians living with diabetes or pre-diabetes? A $100 donation is all it takes. You help Team Diabetes, I help your brand. Win/win.

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