[twitter]We have two playrooms for the boys. One in the basement for bigger, louder toys, and another room on our top floor outside their bedrooms where they play with LEGO, Transformers, puppets, and books. This is where we put our Christmas tree, so that meant moving the LEGO table out.

A shuffle happened. Zacharie’s small child’s table went to Charlie’s room, the LEGO table went to Zacharie’s room, and we had space for the Christmas tree.

After Christmas, we moved the LEGO table back into the playroom, but Charlie didn’t want to give up his little table. It was small, and we realized it was perfect for Charlie and Zacharie probably needed something more substantial.

A big kid’s table. One where he could sit in a proper chair and work on bigger LEGO projects, practice his writing, and do some school work.

Zacharie’s room is small. My first idea was to get a bunk bed with a nook underneath it for a homework table, and play area. Getting the bed off the floor would give us a lot of footprint, but the way his closet and window and door are aligned, we couldn’t find one that fit the space, or our budget.

I started a Pinterest board looking for the best desk for a big kid. I pinned some of my favorites, all of them hundreds of dollars and up.

Big Kid Lofted Desk Idea
Image via Chic Design Ideas

We decided to do Ikea. Because of course. A friend had just gotten a desk there for her daughter and it was the right size, solid, and affordable. The Linnmon desk with Adils legs is a great one for kids. Not too big, not too small, and it’s a mix and match thing.


Zacharie got to choose the colour of the $25 Linnmon table (this was a black or white thing, and we just thought black would add too much darkness to his room).


Zacharie got to choose the style of the $4 Adils legs (tried to convince him to grab the $1 pink legs, he chose full price silver)


And then he got to pick the colour of his $23 Snille chair (green it is!)



Then we brought it all home and he got to help build the whole thing. Thank you Ikea for having pictogram instructions that are totally kid friendly.


Talk about big kid.


The entire set was less than $70. Budget friendly, independent feeling child has a big smile, and the kitchen table isn’t cluttered with math worksheets and spelling tests.

How did you go about transitioning your child to a ‘big kid’s desk?’

The Best Big Kid Desk Is At Ikea For Less Than $70 | DadCAMP

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