First Day of School 2012

I’d like to give a shout out to Madame Amy right about now. She’s my son’s kindergarten teacher and she reads this blog.

I thought it was odd that she knew me and who my son was when she popped her head out the door at dismissal time today. I just chalked it up to it being our third year in the school and she might have seen me around.

At the parent/teacher orientation tonight, she talked at length about the tech the kids get to play with in my son’s classroom, how they have a class Twitter account, and play with iPads. She talked about how Evernote will be used to send out digital report cards for our kids.

Our school made news last year for the “Twitter in Kindergarten” thing, and I have plans to write a piece on it here.

I’m not afraid of technology and my kids. I believe kids should be allowed on Facebook, even if they’re under 13. My son has had a Twitter account since just after he was born. He also has a Tumblog, a Gmail address, YouTube channel and more.

I introduced myself to her after the session, and said I write on Babble and she shot back “I know, I’ve read your stuff.


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