[twitter]There is a time when you stop teaching your kids, and they start teaching you. Emotionally, the lessons we teach each other happen right from birth. The way you would immediately give your life so they can have theirs is the purest definition of unconditional love. You learn that lesson the moment you hear that first scream.

But I’m talking about things your kids can do that you can’t. Maybe your kids are in gymnastics, or dance and have skills you could only dream of. Maybe they can sing and carry a tune or play an instrument. My 3 yr old kid can beat box.

I don’t know how he learned it, but he does it all the time. He does it to give himself a rhythm as he dances down a hallway. He does it when he comes down the stairs in the morning. He does it when he’s happy. He does it all the time.

It’s a weird throat sound, a sort of natural skill that could be developed into something if he wanted to. I’ve tried to get Charlie to teach me how to do it, but I’m useless.

Every day I ask him “How do you do that!?” and he just giggles and beat boxes some more. Zacharie can’t do it. Jen can’t do it. I can’t do it. Just MC Chooch.dadcamp fire

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