My First Fatherhood Moment

I had known my girlfriend for barely 3 months when she said we needed to go and get a pregnancy test. I left her at the apartment, and went the four blocks to the drugstore around the corner to pick up the test.

She went in the bathroom, afraid. And seconds later, boom. Blue stripe, second stripe, plus sign.

I can’t remember which it was, but it came quickly. The bat signal flew brightly. She was pregnant, we were pregnant, there was no debate as to what the little stick was trying to tell us.

A few weeks later, we visited the doc and I heard my son’s heartbeat for the very first time.

Was that my first “fatherhood moment?”


Was it the day, nearly 2 years later, when I remember really and truly falling in love with my son? Jennifer was back at work, and away for a conference. It was just me and my toddling son for the weekend and I soaked up the experience taking him for long walks, off to baseball games, explored fairgrounds, went out for sushi, and lots of running around and laughing.

That was the day fatherhood really clicked for me. It was the moment I connected with my son. Was that my first “fatherhood moment?”


Is it every single day?

Every day is a new fatherhood moment. A new worry. A new moment of pride. A new smile. A new sigh.

Every. single. day my kids inspire me, show me a different side of life, remind me of the joy of childhood and teach me to embrace that naive believe in impossibility.

My First Fatherhood Moment



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