So how about that Super Bowl commercial from Mr Clean? It was picked as one of the top spots this year, and in the wake of the mopping buns of steel comes more choreplay?

Why not? It inspired me to partake in a little Risky Business while my wife was out.

mr clean

I’ll keep my wife’s reaction when she walked in on my efforts quiet (yes, there were as many smirks as there was applause), but the appreciation of men who clean up is being championed and encouraged.

“Choreplay is real. Don’t buy flowers. Do laundry,” says Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Other surveys have shown that there are few things sexier than a man who cleans. Fathers who pitch in have better relationships with their kids and ease the self imposed stress women have feeling the need to balance all around the house.

Actually, what works for the gander also works for the goose as a survey of 7000 married couples found that those who work hard also, um, play hard 😉

So, um, clean up together and then .. clean up. 😉

couple cleaning up


Mr Clean is serving up a wonderful choreplay prize pack with everything you need to get in the mood this Valentine’s Day. It includes the usual heart-box of chocolates, coupons for your significant other to customize as gifts, stemless wine tumblers and Mr Clean Magic Erasers!

choreplay box

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Make your spring cleaning sexy, people! Let’s see it!!

This post is sponsored by Mr Clean

There’s a reason Mr. Clean works out… to give his Magic Eraser Extra Durable the extra muscle to knock out your home’s toughest messes.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

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  1. Clare February 7, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    I wish mr clean would pay us a visit! My house is a disaster zone right now. I do not know where to begin!!

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