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[twitter]Movember madness is sweeping the world again this year. From the dirty to scruffy to sad, Mo Bros across the planet are growing it out to support prostate cancer awareness and research.

Our wives may hate it, but cmon, it’s for charity (and guys like this time of year as a chance to channel our inner Tom Selleck.)

Even your kids can take part in Movember with some easy to find clip art. A simple cut and paste and you can turn any baby pic into a fabulous movember masterpiece. I’m talking the genius of giving your child a Movember baby moustache. Your daughter can have a foo man chu, your son can have the dastardly villainous handlebar, you can even put a frothy captain’s moustache on your wife.

Here are the downloads for the free moustache and beard vector clip art. (pack 1) (pack 2)

Scott Mills, a presenter on BBC Radio 1 came up with an ingenious way for his co-host, Becky, to take part. She’s printed off a moustache stencil and will shave around it growing a mo on her knee. At the end of the month they’ve promised to draw a face to go with the mo.

Don’t forget to add a Movember Twibbon to your Twitter and Facebook photos to help spread the movement (your wife and kids can do this too) 😉

How’s your Mo, bro?

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  1. therantsandraves November 25, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Thanks for featuring my mustache vectors on here! Been trying to decide what else like those to whip up lately and have been coming up blank…

  2. admin November 25, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    Thank, YOU for creating the awesome vectors!

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