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[twitter]Mike Heenan (aka At Home Dad Matters) is a member of the Dad Bloggers group and one day he just started tossing up random photos of beer glasses he was etching with random dad blog logos on them.

I raised my hand asking if Mike could do one for me. Minutes later, he fired up a photo, days later I was chilling after a hard day of dadding enjoying a beer in my DadCAMP glass. When it comes to random acts of kindness, Mike Heenan is gold.

Dad Blogger Logo Beer Glasses

Mike is an at home dad of 2 girls in California. He just started blogging in February this year for the same reasons many of us pick up a keyboard – to remember what these magical days with kids is like. Mike’s mother was estranged, his dad passed away when he was young. Today Mike finds himself with hardly a photo or art project from his time as a kid. He didn’t want it to be like that for his daughters.

“Preserving the early lives of my daughters, any way I can, has been a predominant goal of mine since their births. I started my blog as a diary of their day-to-day for their posterity,” he told me. “I have turned to more private logs for diary-specific entries, and the blog is quickly becoming random thoughts on the people, places, and things that orbit my girls and my raising of them.”

The beer glass etching thing is just as new as the blog. He’s done it about 6 times, but it’s genius. Talk about the best ever Dad Blogger Father’s Day present! It started when his wife, The At-Work Mama, who is a craftaholic, bought a Silhouette Cameo die cut machine a few years back.

“[She] makes everything from paper purses and clothes and toys for our daughters, to intricate, 3D art gallery invitations,” he explains. “For some occasion or other she ended up etching hilarious catch phrases into the bottom of Pyrex baking dishes for members of her family of avid Italian bakers.”

“I’d been, and still am, struggling with a logo I like for my blog and was looking over a lot of dad bloggers’ logos for inspiration when the idea struck me to try my hand at etching one, or two, now as many as six, onto a pilsner glass.”

They are so good. Head on over to visit Mike Heenan at At Home Dad Matters, respect the dad who stays home, and maybe hit him up for a Father’s Day gift.

At Home Dad Matters Post You Should Read: Open letter to Rap Music, shared online this spring. In it Mike tackled the misogyny in music and how it won’t be tolerated in his home.


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