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[twitter]Apps. Apps. Apps. My kids go through them like candy. Here are some of the latest ones that have been added to the roster of icons on what has quickly become their iPad.

jake neverkand pirate school appMickey Mouse Club House Road Rally – Free – iPad only
When your kid exclaims “Cooooooool” the moment an app hits the opening splash screen, you know you have a winner.

This is an appisode; more than an episode, more than an app. It brings viewing, learning and interaction together into one fun-filled iPad experience. Kids can touch, tap, shake, swipe, drag and talk through an entire episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Fun little mouse ears pop up with voice recognition that makes it truly interactive and every time Mickey responds to something my son says, he glances back at me with an “OMG! I’m talking to Mickey!” look on his face.

Word of warning: this app requires an internet connection. I usually hand the iPad to the kids in Airplane Mode so they can’t send emails, download apps, or cause any other havoc. If you have novice webkins in your family, make sure you’re hovering over their shoulder when they access this app so they don’t pop out and do any damage.

jake neverkand pirate school appJake’s Never Land Pirate School – Free – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
This more traditional app lets kids become completely immersed in Never Land, completing pirate-themed challenges presented in Sailing, Pirate Band, Map and Spyglass and Pixie Dust classes. Features include: hunting for doubloons on Doubloon Beach; a customizable pirate certificate signed by Jake; and the ability to import a child’s photo. Did I mention Pirates? I hadn’t told my son I loaded this one on to the iPad and he was already deep into adventures after finding it on his own.

Watch Disney Junior Free – iPad
A US based internet connection is needed for this app, and Comcast/Xfinity is currently the only TV provider offering access to LIVE video and the newest full episodes.

Full length episodes of the popular shows (Mickey Mouse Club House, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Doc McStuffins) are also available online at www.watchdisneyjunior.com. This is just another one of those apps that is bleeding the edge between TV and internet.

Grab the apps and then keep Wednesday, Aug 8 at 9p ET open as there is a Twitter party to learn more about the apps, engage with other fans and win great Disney Junior prizes, or an iPad! RSVP now.

A big thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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