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[twitter]One of the wonderful things that makes blogging the great hobby that it is, is you meet random interesting people from around the world. I’m going to start writing some introductions to The Dads I Know and have met since I’ve started blogging.

Meet Zach Rosenberg, the Dad Blogger who wears pink bathrobes. In an era where personal branding is what matters, when you scroll through a Twitter feed or Facebook wall and see a smiling man in a pink bathrobe (sometimes with a mug of coffee), you know you’ve found Zach Rosenberg.

My favorite piece by Zach Rosenberg is a detailed examination of the portrayal of Dads by advertisers. He discovered, that despite a perception that dads are doofuses in commercials, attitudes are changing.

He’s working on a new piece cataloging all father-filled spots in 2014 to monitor the trend. His original article was cited by AdAge, that’s some legit journalism from “a daddy blogger.” In a pink bathrobe.

Do me a favour, wander over to Zach Rosenberg‘s 8 Bit Dad website, give it a subscribe, click around a few articles, and share them on your wall. You’ll quickly realize why I am proud to say Zach Rosenberg is one of the dads I know.

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