Patch, Charlie's Class Mascot

[twitter]Last year, when it was Zacharie’s turn with the class mascot, he brought home Bernard, a little clown doll that we entertained for a week.

He gave Charlie pink eye.

This week is Charlie’s turn with his class mascot, Patch. The furry panda took a swim in some soap in the washing machine the moment he walked in the door and then got buckled in for swimming lessons.

Zacharie and Charlie and Patch

He then snuggled in to Charlie’s bed with Mr Froggy, Baby Fast the hippo, Squirt the dog, Mouse and his mouse family (all 5 of them), and Jack Frost the Snow Leopard.

Patch and Charlie's Team

This morning he had bananas for breakfast.

Charlie and Patch have breakfast

Then we rode bikes to school.

Charlie and Patch

On the weekend, Charlie got his eyes checked – and so did Patch.

Patch gets eyes checked

Of course there has been much LEGO-ing.

Charlie and Patch play LEGO

For “Twins Day” at school Charlie put on his panda shirt to match Patch.


A week of adventures await. And hopefully no pink eye.

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