Charlie making Christmas cookies

“No gifts between the kids, please,” is the message we’ve been sending to our friends this year.

Because of course, right? Too much is too much is too much. BUT .. you still do want to give and share something, so we’ve been saving up our spaghetti sauce jars the past few months and will pass out Mason Jar Cookie Mix to our family friends and BFFs of our kids.

It’s something fun, something easy, and it’s a gift without adding to the commercialized gluttony of things we seem to collect this year.

The Mason Jar Cookie Mix Recipe is simple: find your favorite cookie recipe (in our case it was my grandmother’s Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe), and then layer the dry ingredients in the mason jar.

BUT .. you need to know that all Mason Jars are not created equal, so first fill it with water to measure out how many cups are in your jar. Some of my jars held 3 cups, some of them held 4 cups, while my recipe had 6 cups of dry ingredients, so I had to massage all the figures by 1/2 or 2/3.

This is why you did fractions in school, people 🙂

Once you have the ingredients layered in the jar (it’s easier with a paper funnel), write or print out the recipe and stick it on, use a bow, ribbon, whatever.

Simple, easy, festive, friendly, fun – that’s what a handmade Christmas gift is supposed to be and this Mason Jar Cookie Mix Recipe fits the bill.

Mason Jar Cookie Mix Recipe

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