How To Manscape With A Beard Trimmer

[twitter]The Philips Shaver 9000 has made its way into my morning ritual. I’m celebrating the art of shaving how I did when I was a teen and it’s a relaxing, easy shave. The device is pretty swish with a fancy cleaner, recharging base, and a beard trimmer.

But I don’t have a beard. I haven’t tried to grow one in about 10 years, once the grey started to take over on my chin. I even skip the playoff beard trend to cheer on the home team, and Movember is just something that’s not going to happen.

So what do you do with a beard trimmer attachment on the Philips Shaver 9000 when you don’t have a beard?

You could use it to trim bonsai bushes

bonsai bush
Image via Norio Nakayama on Flickr

You could use it to shave the logo of you favorite team in your hair

shaved head image
Image by

You could use it to trim unruly and old velcro to bring back its snap

old velcro
Image via Shannon Clark on Flickr

Or you could trim the poodle.

trim the poodle
Image via Lam Thuy Vo on Flickr

No, that’s not what I meant. I was thinking more about ‘clearing the field of play,’ as it were.

Yknow, manscaping.

How To Manscape With A Beard Trimmer

86% of Canadian men in a recent survey think grooming can improve their romantic life while 69% focus more on grooming/manscaping when they are seeing someone new.

So how about I do some manscaping and act like I’m seeing someone new? Maybe that will improve my romantic married life?

I don’t want to go too TMI on you, but .. well, I’m going to have to.

How to manscape with a beard trimmer on the Philips Shaver 9000:

Take your time
This is a delicate area, you know that, so take your time, do it right. A nick down here hurts a little more than one on your chin.

Stay north
A trimmer works best on hair that is on your body. The pubic area is fine to trim, but any strays that are on appendages in the area are best caught with scissors. This skin is very sensitive and you don’t want machinery in this area.

Not too close
Don’t go too close to the skin. We’re just trying to trim back the bushes to make the tree appear taller, it’s a trim, not a shave.

Mulitpurpose manscaping
Yes, you can use manscape with a beard trimmer on your chest and underarms too. Just remember to slip the trimmer under the tap in between locations.

he has been shaved

I’ve just been trimming the poodle for a short time now, and my wife has been out of town. Will it result in the success the survey says? Well that’s very much TMI.

As you were, men.

Philips Shaver 9000About The Philips Shaver 9000

The Philips Shaver Series 9000 is amongst the most technologically advanced on the market and offers a close shave without compromising comfort. It’s designed for perfection so that you can get the most out of your shaver, and experience a personalized shave.

Retails for: $369.99

Available at major retailers including:, Best Buy, London Drugs, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Centre Du Rasoir, and Personal Edge

Disclosure: This branded content appears in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes Canada.

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