Kumar Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom

“His name is Kumar. 15 lbs of hunky monkey,” Tina Fey wrly purred shortly in to Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom.

I had flipped Netflix on the tv after dinner and my kids were deep into the story of a troop of monkeys and the battle for power at Castle Rock. It is the perfect show for my animal loving kids. We are headed to Florida this February specifically on an animal adventure, with Disney’s Animal Kingdom being our only theme park of the trip. The boys ate this show up. They loved it.

While I appreciated Fey’s narration of the story (seriously, she is so good in this), something else was eating at my conscience. Did Steven Avery do it? How could Brendan Dassey possibly still be in jail?

After seeing my social feeds explode over the holidays with chatter about Making A Murderer, I had dipped in and was instantly hooked. While the mistreatment of outcast monkey Maya by the Temple Troop was sad, I was really more interested in the blood found in Teresa Hallbach‘s car, the way Brendan was coerced into confessing and those terrible drawings he scrawled for his own lawyer’s investigator.

So I grabbed my iPad, tossed on my bluetooth headphones, and sat on the corner of the couch, watching my show while the kids watched theirs.

Making A Murderer Monkey Kingdom

This is how ‘family tv time’ is going to go from now on, I think. We have ‘family shows’ that we like watching together, the reality competition types, but when it comes to kid-focused fare? I’m over it. I’ve had 8 years of Caillou, Dora, Diego, Peppa Pig, and more. I’m done.

So I will let go of the guilt when my kids really want to watch one show, while I really don’t want to devote hours of my life to watching Dragons: Race To The Edge, Angry Birds Toons, All Hail King Julien, etc – again.

This is why I love Netflix. I can watch a show, the kids can watch a show and we can all still be together. I have half an ear and half an eye on their show, usually I’ve seen it before and can still chime in and laugh together, but do I really need to see it?

Watching Netflix With The Kids

No. No, I don’t.

So whether it be Narcos, Jessica Jones, Bloodline, Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, or any other Netflix show you’re hooked on (have you seen the sizzle reels for The Crown and The Get Down?!) and need to immediately binge, it’s okay. Binge away in the corner of the couch with the screen tilted so the kids can’t see. You can do it on your phone, tablet, or computer, the kids can have the big screen and you’re all one big happy family.

Btw, when they’re done with Monkey Kingdom, flip the kids onto Monkey Thieves, it’s a documentary series starring mischievous monkeys! You can binge together!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team

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