For Charlie’s birthday party, he asked for a Pokemon cake. Yay. Sigh.

Our efforts at cake decorating for Charlie have been a tragic failure. We usually just end up with a plain cake that we place plastic figurines in.

We’ve done Cars, Star Wars, and Power Rangers cakes in the past. All of them simple chocolate cakes (that we usually bought) with the figures on top.

But the Pinterest pressure has been building, I mean you’re not a real parent unless you can figure out fondant, right? So we tried again. No, Charlie would not be getting an intricate Pikachu cake as requested, but we steered him to something more manageable – pokeballs.

The week before the birthday party, we tried out Pokemon Pokeball Cupcakes.

Pokemon Pokeball Cupcakes

Pokemon Pokeball Cupcakes

Pokemon Pokeball Cupcakes

While I thought the Pokemon Cupcakes were “just fine,” my wife didn’t think they were good enough. Pinterest pressure.

So we practiced making Pokemon Pokeball Cookies.

Pokemon Pokeball Cookies

Pokemon Pokeball Cookies

Pokemon Pokeball Cookies

Pokemon Pokeball Cookies

These were more up to her standards. The chocolate was easy to work with, and Charlie loved them. Frankly, Charlie loved the Pokemon Pokeball Cupcakes. And he loved the terrible cakes with plastic figures in them. I mean, it’s HIS birthday. We could have put a candle in a can of spam and presented it to him and, just by being the center of attention and getting to blow out a candle, he would have been thrilled.

We put too much Pinterest pressure on ourselves, people. If you’re good at baking and decorating, and you’ve got the mad skills to make something magical – go for it. The rest of us? We need to stop comparing, and trying so hard.

That said, the Pokemon Pokeball Cookies were actually very easy to make and looked fantastic.

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Easy-To-Do Pokemon Pokeball Cookies And Cupcakes

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