For the past number of years, we’ve been emailing our ideas to Santa.

We let the boys loose in the big toy departments and follow their muse. If they get excited, but then walk away bored, they don’t really want it. If they pull and push and linger a little longer, then maybe we have a winner. On this fact finding mission, we take pictures of what they really like and then email them to ourselves for future reminding, or share them with out-of-town relatives for their shopping list.

This year, we’re adding extra ways to get the Christmas wish list done to the mix.

For Charlie, it’s all about fine motor skills. So he cuts out the items he wants from the flyers and then glues them to a big piece of construction paper. When we go visit Santa, he’ll pack it along.

Charlie cuts up his Christmas list

Zacharie needs to have practice with his writing and spelling, so his wish list is a hand-written affair. Did you know Canada Post volunteers answer Letters To Santa?

Just drop it in the mail addressed c/o North Pole, Canada HOH OHO and you’ll get a letter back!

Zacharie writes his Christmas list

And if you just want to get it all done online, there’s an easy way to get your Christmas wish list done that way too.

Mattel has created an easy microsite to search for toddler, kid, and tween gift ideas and compare prices. Check out to search for Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Thomas & Friends, Frozen, and Monster High ideas like these.

The site also helps you instantly comparison shop with links to all the major retailers to see stock/price, as well as letting you share your gift ideas/wishes on social media.

Mattel Holiday

Not a bad way to get the shopping done. Here’s what I sorted out for Zacharie, Charlie, and other kids on my list .. so far 😉

Mattel Holiday Hot Wheels Barbie

What’s on your kids’ wish lists this year?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Hot Wheels Connector Club and received compensation in exchange for this branded content.

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