[twitter]Zacharie never really had a favorite stuffy. He had a blankie that needed to be by his side each night (still does), and he has had a “team” of stuffies on a cushion next to his bed, but he never needed the snuggle.

Charlie, on the other hand, needs his buddy.

Mr Froggy was a gift from a birthday party Zacharie went to. It was a build-a-bear sort of thing where the kids made stuffies. Z didn’t particularly care for it, so Charlie adopted Mr Froggy and they’ve been inseparable since the spring.

Then a new member was added to his posse this weekend. Mouse.

Ikea has wonderful stuffed toys in their kid department. We’ve collected many octopi, owls, and finger puppets from their bins. This weekend they had mice and rats in the department. With Mouse becoming such a fixture at our house, I couldn’t resist the 99c to get one.

And now I might have to get more. Mouse was lost for a few minutes tonight before bed – and you know what that means.

Eventually he was found and I’m so glad I could snap this photo of Charlie and his reunited les amis right before bed.

Tomorrow could entail a visit to the big box store for an entire mischief of mice.

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