Lost In Translation: The Birds And The Bees

[twitter]Zacharie’s birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. So he’s talking a lot about the day he was born, how he was born, and all that fun stuff.

When it comes to the birds and the bees, we have been keeping it pretty straight with the boys. I’ve shown the pictures of my pregnant sister, and we’ve steered clear of mythology including storks and the like.

He knows that babies come from Momma’s tummy and that Daddy’s are involved in the process.

Jen has explained to him that a daddy gives a mommy sperm and that helps make a baby. This happens when people love each other very much. The baby then grows in the Momma’s tummy and is born through her bagina. The fact he can’t pronounce it is hilarious.

Last night, more comedy was added to our ongoing birds and the bees discussion as in Zacharie’s translation, he has a squrim in his tummy.

Last night he declared “I have a squirm in my tummy and I want to give it to Momma because I love her so very much.”

Jen and I shot each other an OMG.

Well, we’re trying to give it to him straight, anyway. Perhaps we could use a collection of Beaver Babies to get the point across?

Image via One Classy Mothadadcamp fire

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