I am Lord Business[twitter]The boys have a new name for me this week. I am no longer ‘dad’, I am Lord Business.

When the big reveal of The LEGO Movie happened, I got it.

When hours are spent pouring over a bucket of LEGO bits, the creation should be respected – for a few minutes anyway. I sympathized with Dad/Lord Business and his desire to keep builds together. While it was never a hard fast rule in our house, I did wish the boys kept their builds in one piece longer, or at least sorted the sets so they could be rebuilt.

That’s not the case. We have bowls of LEGO on ever floor of our house, and in almost ever room.

Our boys received many new LEGO sets for Christmas. On Boxing Day, Zacharie was up early in his bedroom clicking pieces together, working on his LEGO Chima Razar’s Chi Raider.

LEGO Chima Chi Raider

Charlie soon followed, building his LEGO City Airport Cargo HeliplaneAlmost immediately, pieces from Charlie’s plane started to go missing as he dragged the half-built hull from the upstairs to down to play with.

LEGO City Airport Cargo Heliplane

Now, upon receipt from of many boxes of LEGO from Santa’s sack, new rules have been implemented. While I haven’t gone so far as to use kragl to cement their builds, I have asked the boys to keep things together longer. So  Lord Business gets to display the LEGO creations after they are built.

I picked a high shelf in our living room near the ceiling. Up when the Chi Raider, then the Cargo Heliplane, followed by a LEGO Chima Eris’ Fire Eagle Flyer and a LEGO Chima Laval’s Fire Lion Building Toy

LEGO Chima Eiris Eagle

LEGO Chima Fire Lion

I get it. LEGO is meant to be built, then destroyed, and remixed. But if that is to be the end game, then why buy these expensive sets? The boys *really* wanted to have a LEGO Chima Flying Phoenix Fire Temple from Santa. But at $139, I wasn’t going to dump out huge cash, then huge hours to build it, only to see the big bird end up in pieces mixed up with Batman, Arctic Explorers, Star Wars figures and more.

So Lord Business made a rule to display the new models, at least for a few days, maybe a week, maybe until the next very expensive must-have kit comes through the door. Then, the pieces will come down and they’ll engage in that weird, random play that I so love.

In the meantime, just as in the movie, I am Lord Business, and while my boys may not like it, today is Taco Tuesday, and they do like tacos.

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