Triple Play Family Fun Center
175 W Orchard Ave, Hayden Lake, ID 83835, United States

Triple Play Resort in Hayden, Idaho is like Las Vegas for kids.

The family friendly Holiday Inn hotel is attached to a Triple Play Fun Centre that has everything from go-karts to mini golf to arcades to bowling to a water park. When you go through the main lobby of the hotel, a foot bridge lures you to the Triple Play centre. Once across to the other side, your children’s senses are attacked the same way yours are when you enter a casino.

They are pulled every which way by entertainment, games, bells, and whistles.

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via Pinterest

We managed to avoid the temptation of the park until midway through our stay in the suburb of Coeur D’Alene. Many families make an entire vacation of the adventures here, we just touched things briefly one evening.

We raced in go-karts first. Be careful, unlicensed teens and tweens will drive aggressively despite the threat of being tossed if you bump. My wife’s wedding watch broke after being slammed on the wheel during a particularly violent bump from a kid who was driving reckless despite numerous spin-outs on the course. 

charlie daddy go kartRemember, this is Vegas for kids, and they’re just as wild and ‘drunk with excitement’ as you would be at a blackjack table.

We skipped the mini golf, laser tag, and bumper boats and came back inside for some pizza and bowling.

triple play family fun center

This was a blast. Each lane has a button to raise the bumpers to the kids can get some pins. We grabbed a large cheese pizza, some beers for mom and dad and milk for the kids, and had a fun hour tossing balls and eating pie.

A quick run up to the room for a wardrobe change and then we slid back downstairs to check out the Raptor Reef water park. There’s a nice sized wave pool, 4 water slides for people over 42”,  There’s also a mini water park for the tots. An hour in the pool and we were pooped and ready for bed. 

raptor reef

It was just a quick 3 hour run through the Triple Play Centre, but it was enough for us. I could see how you could pop in and out of all the activities throughout a day, two would be pushing it for us (unless the boys really wanted to attack Raptor Reef again).

The hotel is perfectly situated between Silverwood and Coeur D’Alene, the two big draws for families in the area. Also near a Target should you need to hit up the big red bullseye for a fix.

Disclosure: portions of our visit to north Idaho were furnished by Visit Idaho.

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