[twitter]There is only one thing worse than violence when it comes to entertainment for kids – blatant product tie-ins.

Well, we’re about to go epic as LEGO has made a movie that is targeted right at your kids (and your wallet). And, like the $90 admission for a day at Disney, we will bend to our minifig overlords and take it.

The LEGO Movie hits theaters February 7, 2014 and stars Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, and Will Arnett.

Today, The LEGO Movie Trailer dropped and you can already see where this going. There will be new sets, new minifigs, classic sets, and more on shelves at the nearest LEGO Store.

I will go on record fully welcoming back 80s space guy. I really miss Space LEGO and wish my mom and dad had saved it in their toy trunk.

You can hide the guns and violence from your kids by sneaking in old school Batman, or maybe cartoon Iron Man flicks so they can fit in with their friends, but good luck hiding the reality of a LEGO Movie from your 5 yr old.

It’s on. And I can’t wait.dadcamp fire

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