[twitter]The boys have a fun game they like to play with me. “What would you like me to build you, Daddy?,” they will shout from across the playroom.

I am then Master of the Universe and shout out an object for them to build with their scattered bricks.


LEGO Challenge - Chicken


LEGO Challenge - Horse


LEGO Challenge - Fish


LEGO Challenge - Allosaurus


LEGO Challenge - Boat

Dog sleigh!

LEGO Challenge - Dog Sleigh

And with that, their imagination is fully warmed up and they start to free associate on their own, telling random stories about dinosaurs and dog mushers chasing bad guys in the boat.

What kind of LEGO games do your kids play?

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  1. Mark August 4, 2014 at 8:26 am

    That is a cool game! Definitely going to try that one or maybe a charades variation. Another that we have enjoyed is making zip lines across the front room. Building and adjusting machines to be fast or to carry lego people can be hours of fun.

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