[twitter]Some moms park their kids in front of the TV so they can talk on the phone, go rabid on Pinterest, and write their blogs about what an awesome mom they are. Not this mom.

Watch as she uses mommy-daughter time to sing like crazy to “Open Doors” from Frozen.

They’re just sitting in a car, and then they break out in lip synching awesomeness with so much palpable joy; it’s impossible not to smile.

This little girl’s lucky to have such a fun, loving mom.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she sings this song at her wedding!

Watch the sweetness unfold below and tell us what you think in the comments!

That video is awesome. The preamble I just posted? What a load of condescending, pandering, stereotypical garbage. And it’s transcribed (almost) directly from SFGlobe as they share an awesome video of a dad and daughter dancing to Taylor Swift‘s Shake It Off.

They draw out stereotypes of lazy dads who watch tv as they try to paint the dancing dad as some new world hero, a rare, exotic breed of parent that doesn’t exist in the wild.

No. He’s doing what dads do every single day. We do dress up. We do character voices when we read books. We make up silly stories. We dance. We play. We goof off. We cry, we care, we love.

Sharing this video of the dad and daughter dancing to Taylor Swift needs to happen. It’s a cute bomb overload of happiness. But this dad is not an outlier. You wouldn’t headline a cute video of a mom and daughter lip synching Frozen tunes by pointing out how unique it is that a Mom plays with her daughter, why would you do it to a dad?

Here’s the awesome video. Watch it, share it, use it as inspiration for your next Daddy Daughter dance party at home.

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