You’re not the only one late to the party, Patrick. I have a Netflix confession: I haven’t watched Daredevil (Season 2 was out March 18) yet. I skipped Jessica Jones.  Just this week I finally broke open House of Cards.

Season 1, how 2013 of me, I know.

But this is the win of Netflix vs traditional television, people: it doesn’t matter when you decide to binge, the content is sitting there. Waiting.

Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange Is The New Black, and House of Lies are sitting there. Waiting to be chosen.

Toy Story Aliens gif

Netflix doesn’t care if you’re all season 1 when everyone else is all season 4. We’re all at our own pace in this new world order, and that’s okay.

Still, you might want to catch up there, Sparky.

Everyone is talking about the new seasons of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 2 came out April 15), and soon they’ll be all about Grace and Frankie (Season 2 on May 6), Bloodline (Season 2 on May 27) and OITNB (Season 4 on June 17).

So binge away my friends, I’m still trying to get through the first season of House of Cards to see how Underwood plans to get Russo elected. Because that should never be able to happen. And I’m already two months behind Season 4 which came out March 4.

White House of Cards

Having Netflix means you never miss out. Sure, you’re a little late – but you can always catch up.

Disclosure: I’m on the Netflix Stream Team.

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