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There is no greater gift in life than being able to communicate with people in more than one language. I truly believe this.

I am, what I like to call, functionally bilingual. I speak enough French to get a bike put on a train in Lyon and stored for a week in Paris before I will return to pick it up. That was handy for me in the spring of 1996.  That working knowledge of French helps me decipher Spanish on our trips to Mexico, and even allowed me to decode a little bit of Italian.

Learning a new language has been invaluable. So my boys are in French Immersion school, have been since they were 3. This is the time to teach your kids a new language, even if you don’t understand it yourself. Before kids are 5, they are wide open to learning new languages. This is a critical time in brain development when language is learned, but it’s also a very short window. The earlier you start your kids learning languages, the better (and easier) it is for them.

Kids Learning Language With Langmobile [iOS | Android] is an app that can take the language learning process and turn it into a team sport. It’s a chance for you to learn together.

Kids Learn Language With Langmobile

The app really is a guide for parents and children to work through together. There are fun videos to introduce vocabulary. There are coloring pages and worksheets for parents as well as song lyrics, playtime pages, and a parent’s guide for each concept. There are activities, games, words to practice – it’s a complete homeschooling experience all within the app. You can click over to iTunes to buy the songs and really DIY an immersion experience.

Kids Learn Language With Langmobile

When I tried it out, the vocabulary sections were still a little limited, but the ideas were great. Charlie really enjoyed the “Sesame Street-esque” vignettes that accompany each vocabulary and the songs were catchy to clap and sing along too.

You can choose French, English, or Spanish sections in the Langmobile app, so the options are there to expose your kids to learning new languages at a young age.

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