It’s October. That means it can snow at any time and you need to be prepared by getting your winter boots for kids.

Last weekend, on a gorgeous sunny day, we tried on all the mittens, jackets, and snow pants. This weekend it was time to bring out the old boots. While Charlie is fine for hand-me-downs, Zacharie needed a new pair of boots.

In the past we’ve gone with Sorel and Kamik as our winter boots for the kids.

When we first moved to Calgary, we looked at the feet of the other kids in the neighbourhood to see what they were wearing. Those were the brands they had on. They’ve been totally fine for us the past 3 winters, we have no complaints. This year, we bought Kodiak Glo winter boots for a few reasons.

Kodiak Glo Review: $59 at Shoe Warehouse

These boots are light. We had it down to a pair of Kamik or the Kodiak Glo and after having Zacharie run a few laps in the store, he remarked how lightweight the Kodiak Glo boots were. He also wasn’t dragging his heel like he has done in the past.

These boots have a tug loop built in to the lining. This is the part that needs to be snug, and by having it on the lining instead of the shell, they’re easier to pull on.

The other boots were down to -32, these Kodiak Glo boots had a rating down to -40 degrees. Ugh. I hate that a temperature difference like that matters, but this is the prairies.

The bright orange color of the Kodiak Glo boots is fantastic. (orange is the new black, yknow)

Here’s a video from Kodiak advertising the Kodiak Glo boots that also helped us make the decision:

Disclosure: We bought these boots. No brand was involved in this post. I’m posting this because when we searched for reviews, there weren’t any and I wanted to offer help to other parents trying to decide on winter boots for their kids..

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