Modern dads are different.

We’re not just suit and tie dads. We’re playing dads. We’re working out dads. We’re engaged dads. Modern fatherhood means golfing with the guys, playing with the kids, keeping fit and healthy, and looking after our family.

Sure, ties and socks are nice, but we’re also about Father’s Day gifts that acknowledge our hobbies and celebrate our active roll in the family unit. I bought my wife a lawnmower for Mother’s Day one year, I’d love it if she bought me a new juicer.

From working out, to hobbies, to helping around the house, to looking good, here’s a quick look at some of my top picks for Father’s Day:

Father's Day Gifts

1. Panasonic® Wireless Bluetooth NFC Stereo Headphones ($149.99) 2. No.99 Wayne Gretzky Men’s Cotton Twill Dobby Stripe Pants ($29.99) 3. Juice Bullet ($79.97) 4. Mr. Beer® Craft Brews Collection Complete Brewing System Beer Kit ($59.99) 5. Earthwise™ 1500 PSI Electric Pressure Washer ($119.99) 6. Champion Men’s ‘Power Train’ T-Shirt ($25.00) 7. KGB® 20″ Duffle ($20.00) 8. Hamilton Beach® Dual Zone 3-In-1 Griddle ($71.99)

That’s not your “typical” roster of Father’s Day gifts, now is it? (Okay, Mr Beer might be a bit of a stereotype, but giving your dad a chance to get his craft brew on? Sign me up.)

Modern dads are involved with their kids, they play different roles in the family unit, and all of those activities are easily celebrated this Father’s Day by a variety of gift ideas.

Sears Canada recently surveyed* dads across the country to uncover what they ACTUALLY want this year and Canadian dads have spoken. 36 per cent agree that the gift they would most like to receive this year is fashion related.

Skip the ties, though. Seriously, modern dads are more fashionable than you’d think. The new Wayne Gretzky line at Sears sets that trend off perfectly.

The survey found that dads line up into 5 different categories (although my gift picks span all the groupings). Dads in western Canada and Ontario (78%) are favoring fashion, while two thirds of the dads in Quebec and Atlantic Canada like to celebrate outdoors with BBQ gear.

What kind of dad do you have in your life? Click on the image below to get more character groupings and gift ideas for Father’s Day 2016 from Sears Canada:

Father's Day Gift Guide

*The survey was conducted between May 2 and May 6, 2016 via Sears. A total of n=1027 Canadian dads between the ages of 25-55 who have children were interviewed using the online survey.

Disclosure: This branded content is brought to you by Sears.

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