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Move aside Halloween, the scariest time for parents is every day at meal time. I don’t know what it is about kids and food, but chances are you have at least one who gets weird and picky about something.

From tomatoes to food touching to colour preferences to the complete avoidance of vegetables, kids and food just don’t always get along.

You might get sneaky and put zucchini in chocolate cake, or blend cauliflower into their gnocchi, but I think the best way to get kids to change their habits is to make food fun. I have always involved my sons in the weekly grocery shopping to Real Canadian Superstore, they help out with cooking and meal planning, but they’re still picky sometimes. So I’m taking the things they find “scary” and really make them SCARY!

Check out 7 of the best ideas for scary Halloween veggies!


halloween veggie trayGet yourself a big bag of baby carrots and then dress up the pumpkin faces with pieces of cucumber, celery, cauliflower, olives, peppers, and broccoli. This is the EASIEST way to get festive. And when you’re picking up the veggies from Real Canadian Superstore, don’t forget to grab some decorations and place settings to fill things out. From plates to spooky glasses to flickering pumpkins, you can get it all in one stop!


This idea from involves simply peeling radishes to look like bloodshot eyes and then affixing a blueberry in a hollowed hole at the end. Maybe a little spicy for the kids to eat whole, but they’ll certainly dress up the plate!


Purple Cabbage Salad via Cookpad

This cabbage salad sounds delicious, but I like the idea of dropping potato ghosts and carrot jack-o-lanterns into just about anything on your Halloween table. Here are some tips for carving the carrots.


Break out your paring knife again to bring some spooky faces to these mushroom caps. Add these skulls and crossbones to pasta dishes or just some fun snacks before they head out the door.


Maybe they’re more likely to grab some finger foods if they’re in a trick-or-treat pumpkin? Carve out some orange peppers with fun faces and slip in cucumber, zucchini, carrot, or pepper spears for an easy way to make veggies fun!


This idea from Lunchbox Dad is so easy. It’s just a regular seven layer dip with a Jack Skellington provolone face on top!


And who says you can’t play with your food!? Lay out all the pieces your kids might need to build a vegetable skeleton and then have them build one as a fun party activity.

Those are just some of the ways you can make scary Halloween veggies more fun and interesting for your kids (and guests) this season. And remember… all your shops are easiest when you hit up Real Canadian Superstore. From serving dishes to costumes to treats to decorations to fresh veggies, it’s all right there in one stop!

This post is sponsored by Real Canadian Superstore

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