[twitter]If you don’t have the Portable North Pole app, get it. I’ll wait.

The iPNP app gives you virtual tours of Santa’s workshop, fun games, a digital advent calendar for the kids to open, and a way to actually talk to Santa.

The Portable North Pole website serves up personalized videos from the Jolly Old Elf himself, and if you ask Zacharie, he’ll remind you this is the real Santa. This is the guy that gets things done on the 24th, he’s straight up legit, the o.g.

So when the boys got their first email from Santa a few weeks ago, they were a little dismayed to find out they were on “the middle list.” They had some work to do, and so they set about performing some acts of charity, helping each other out, and polishing up their act.

This weekend, a second email arrived from Santa to show he had been watching the past couple of weeks and the boys were eager to see if they had done enough to land on the nice list. Watch their reaction:

My favorite part? How excited Zacharie was for his brother. There’s a real camaraderie between our dynamic duo. They can be absolutely crazy rolling around and getting in to trouble, but underneath it all there’s an unbreakable bond of brotherhood. Seeing that is all I needed this Christmas.

If you want your kids to really believe in Santa, pop over to the Portable North Pole website and at least do up a free video, if you want to download it, add more photos, or get a phone call from Santa, you can pay premiums.

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