Charlie Cheque at Alberta Children's Hospital

When Charlie was 3 he visited the Alberta Children’s Hospital for hernia surgery. It was tough on us as parents, but with train tables, toys, and books, strewn about the waiting areas, it was no big deal for him.

So when it came time for Charlie to pick a charity for his 50/50 Birthday Party, he didn’t skip a beat in bringing up the big LEGO hospital on the hill that makes little kids better.

University of Calgary Children's Hospital

If you’re new to the 50/50 Birthday Party idea, here’s the gist: instead of bringing gifts, guests bring cash. It’s all pooled together and at the end of the party there’s 1/2 for a charity, and half for the birthday child to get a gift they really want.

These are so perfect as they cut down on the amount of useless trinkety toys we have cluttering our house, and it teaches kids to give back. Charlie went out and quickly scooped up half a dozen LEGO sets with his half of the money as I made an appointment at Alberta Children’s Hospital for his donation.

They are no stranger to these birthday party donations and have a great set-up for the kids when they come in. The program is called Kids Helping Kids, and it’s just perfect.

There is a big donation cheque where the kids get to fill in their donation amount, sign their name, and then make a fancy presentation. They also get to sign their name on a heart to place on the giving tree on the wall.

Kids Helping Kids at Alberta Children's Hospital

It was a great way to celebrate the good fortune we have at being a healthy family and to say thank you to Alberta Children’s Hospital for looking after my boys when they’ve been sick.

If you’d like to make a donation, contact the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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