Kids Eat Free At Boston Pizza with the #BPKidsCard[twitter]Kids. Eat. Free.

It’s music to my ears when looking for a place to crash my stomach for the evening with my kids. Most Kids’ Menus are $5-$7 at restaurants, serve me up a couple of those for free and you’re likely to see my wife and I more often.

Some restaurants pick one night of the week when they offer the deal while others, like Boston Pizza, let you work it on your schedule.

Zacharie #BPKidsCardOnce again, Boston Pizza is offering their #BPKidsCard. Here’s how it works: you donate a minimum $5 to Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects, they give you a #BPKidsCard worth 5 free kids’ meals (when an adult meal is purchased) – you’re ahead of the game after just one family night out. (Oh, and grab the MyBP app, register your card, and you’ll get a bonus SIXTH free kid’s meal)

You can use the #BPKidsCard from now til June 30, 2016 …, but they’re only on sale until October 11, 2015. So grab a bunch.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects which raises funds and awareness for organizations that provide kids in Canada with role models and mentoring programs.

Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects partners include: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kids Help Phone, Live Different, JDRF and The Rick Hansen Foundation.

Last year, more than $670,000 was raised for charity through the sale of Boston Pizza Kids Cards and this year’s goal is to raise at least $730,000.

Charlie Boston Pizza Kids Card

The #BPKidsCard is a sure-fire way to have your kids eat free at Boston Pizza any night of the week you choose. For us, that would be the night Richard the magician tours the tables at our favourite BP.

Fridays and Sundays from 5p he goes from table to table performing a few tricks with ropes and balls and cards amazing kids and parents alike. And then he does a balloon animal. Is there anything more perfect when it comes to a family night out?

We went to Boston Pizza to celebrate the end of the first week of school and Zacharie brought along one of his favourite magic tricks to show Richard.

We’ve been using magic as a way for Zacharie to practice his reading, learn confidence, and have fun. He has to read and learn the tricks on his own, and he will spend an entire weekend afternoon in the basement in his “magic room” working on tricks.

Zacharie showing off some magic

Zacharie brought the magic Box of Zoltar to amaze all. He demonstrates the box to be empty and then says a magic word only to reveal it has a candy inside! Richard ooh and ahhed appropriately and then invited Zacharie and Charlie to help him do some tricks where balls duplicate magically in their hands.

I understand a lot of magic, but still had fun with the boys trying to catch the slight of hand Richard performed. He was flawless.

We laughed and giggled, got our balloons and Richard moved on. Charlie dug into his activity book (the kids’ menu booklet at Boston Pizza is, hands down, the best). We passed around pizza and had a great family night.

Charlie Smiling Through The BP Kids Menu

Pop into a BP near you and grab a few Boston Pizza Kids Cards, and have them handy for random celebrations, nights when you need a break, and those evenings when you want to see the balloon animal guy, the magician or whatever.

When you have a #BPKidsCard, your kids eat free at Boston Pizza any night you choose!

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