Taco Tuesday Tips[twitter]Taco Tuesday isnt just for Tuesdays. I will break it out any night of the week in a pinch. It’s easy to do, it’s DIY at the table, and everyone can get a piece of what they like.

Our kids aren’t big on spicy ground beef yet, but toss some chicken fingers on the table and they still have the fun of building their own taco while having a kid-friendly protein.

The best Taco Tuesday tips to keep it kid friendly is to lay out as many choices as you can on the table.

The colourful spread and variety might even have them dipping in to areas they might not normally ask for on their plate. Charlie, for example, tossed some cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and ketchup into his tortilla bowl on this night.

Ketchup Tacos

While his brother photo bombed.

Zacharie Photo Bombing Taco Tuesday

We built our latest Taco Tuesday night test driving the new Tortilla Bowls from Old El Paso, or “taco bathtubs!” as the boys described them.

Old El Paso Tortilla Bowl

That’s exactly the best way to describe them, and they are a straight up perfect way to do Taco Tuesday with kids.

Easy to fill, there is way less mess than our usual Taco Tuesday when the kids are crunching on hard shells, or struggling to roll their soft ones. These ‘bathtubs’ are just that, an easy to hold soft tortilla cradle where you can scoop in anything you desire.

An easy fold with your fingers and you would never know these started out as ‘bathtubs.’

Zacharie Building His Taco

The new Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls are landing on shelves this week, so keep your eye out for these Taco Tuesday pleasers. Or maybe you want to use them for dips, desserts, or an easy breakfast burrito!

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