It happened a couple of weeks ago. I got a pop up alert telling me it was the feast of St Zacharie (November 5)and I thought it was pretty cool – even for an atheist.

I did a search and found the feast of St Charles is actually the day prior, November 4. Not bad timing for this non-believing dad of a Zacharie and Charlie.

In my searches, I think I was looking for a pic of Z, I hit a google image search for “Zacharie” and stumbled into an entire world of anime drawings. Odd that in 8+ years of being a very online dad to Zacharie, I hadn’t bumped into this before, but Zacharie is actually a character in a video game circa 2008-ish, called OFF.

Zacharie is the game’s item vendor, buying and selling items to and from The Batter. His shop is the only one in the game, and he often shows up in new areas or shortly before difficult fights. He has a tendency to frequently break the fourth wall, even more than the judge, often referring to the player directly upon speaking to him/her. He also refers to the player in a sign found in Bismark’s shopping mall. [Wikia]

Zacharie in OFF

Zacharie is initially seen wearing a toad mask, which interestingly parallels a book found in the Bismark library that talks about a Masked Man who slays a Toad King. His neck also appears to be somewhat bloated and deformed, also resembling a toad, though this may just be speculation. He is later seen wearing a cat mask as a replacement for The Judge, who is put out of commission by the death of his brother Valerie. His talking sound also turns into a voiced “Meow” instead of his usual chuckle. [Wikia]

For a better explanation, check out this video (NSFW)

Long story short. I now have a couple of Zacharie OFF shirts from RedBubble and I already know what next year’s Halloween costume will be.

Zacharie Shirts OFF

Pretty random and cool, eh?

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