via Anita Hart on Flickr
via Anita Hart on Flickr

I think there was a time when this would have been a cardinal sin against the sanctity of marriage, but my wife and I have separate bank accounts (even at separate banks)!

While we combined furniture when we first moved in together, we never combined bank accounts. I’ve always just paid the mortgage and groceries, she’s paid the utility bills and it’s worked smoothly. She never wanted to feel like she had to “ask for money” and so we’ve just added separate bank accounts into the division of household responsibilities that works well for us.

While she has “her money,” I have “my money,” there’s never a debate about what is “our money” – all of it really is – we just manage portions of it individually with only one awkward conversation each month about someone being “owed.”

I made an error when filling out the paperwork to buy our new cars years ago and had the payments for both coming out of her account. She doesn’t want to eat that payment out of her paycheque, so each month I owe her money. 

On the 15th of every month I get a text just saying “car.” A few seconds later I peck away at the PayPal app and she’s got her money. PayPal is easy like that.

PayPal App

You can send money to just about anyone using their PayPal email address or mobile number and the money will go to their PayPal account. Sending money in Canada is free when you link your bank account or use your PayPal balance.

You should check it out. Find someone who owes you money and send them a little reminder. Or, better yet, take away the awkward and pay someone back who you owe money to!

Punch a few keys and instantly transfer the money. More than half of Canadians (53%) find it awkward to ask friends or family to pay them back and on average Canadians own $462 in unpaid debts. Luckily, PayPal makes paying back easy!

Heere’s the incentive: when you pay back what you owe with PayPal, you can be entered to win some money.

paypal contest

How do you handle your married money? Are you together in the same account? Do you have to defend new shoes, beer nights, or poker sessions?

Got someone who owes you money? Want an easy way to split the bill on a Girls Night Out or Post Game Beers? PayPal makes it easy.

This post is sponsored by PayPal

PayPalGrab your personalized PayPal.Me link to say goodbye to awkward IOUs.

No matter which way you slice it, asking a friend to pay you back for drinks or collecting money for a group gift is awkward.

The beauty of this link is you can send it in a text message or email so your friends can take immediate action.

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