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I think I’m an outlier. I love grocery shopping.

To me, a grocery store is the ultimate in possibility. Every ingredient you could possibly want to make absolutely anything you can usually find there. From tiny canapés to indulgent cakes – grocery stores often have everything you need.

When the boys were young, my share of the household duties would be to take my sons to do the groceries early on a weekend morning so my wife could sleep in.

I loved it.

The early morning routine gave us a slow pace, and I’d teach my boys colours and numbers.

When they could walk, they’d run ahead and ‘say hi to the lobsters,’ and now that they’re older I’m teaching them about budgeting and how much things cost when we shop and they’re helping me find the items that will earn me the most PC Optimum points.

Grocery shopping has inspired my imagination, helped me spend quality time with my sons, and taught them valuable life lessons as they have grown up.

The PC Insiders subscription program is a new tool in my weekend routine. It fills up my PC Optimum account with 20% back in PC Optimum points on PC® Organics and Joe Fresh® merchandise (hello spring wardrobes!) purchases, and I’m already planning our summer escapes to take advantage of the $99 PC® travel services credit that comes with the annual PC Insiders subscription.

With all that, there’s so much more to love about grocery shopping! But I also get I’m an outlier. I get you might not beam as proudly as Charlie here when the weekend rolls around, the shelves are bare, and you need to get supplies.

I get that it’s not always a quiet time with one child. I get that kids don’t always want to learn about colours and sometimes they’ll run way ahead, pull things off shelves, or just have a massive meltdown.

For you, the PC Insiders subscription program will be a lifesaver. You can easily do your grocery shopping online at Loblaw banner stores, from a handy list populated by items you buy most often, and then take advantage of the free grocery pick-up with PC Express™.

Whether you get your groceries done inside the store, dad style (like me above), or online, the benefits of a PC Insiders subscription will bring a smile to your face the first time you cash in those hard-earned PC Optimum points, and for annual subscribers, save with the annual travel credit with PC® travel services or open your annual surprise gift featuring items PC Insiders subscribers will love.

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