[twitter]Go play outside. Go outside. Get out of the house. Go. Play. Outside.

They are constant refrains and pleas from parents all summer long. I arrive home mid afternoon in the summer, and still need to get some work done, so I dragged the kids outside, while I polished off proposals and emails in the shade of the garage.

Work Life Balance

They had already had their fill of drawing on the driveway. They had ridden their bikes around the cul de sac. And then they saw the boxes.

I collect big cardboard boxes. From lawn mowers, lighting fixtures, and tables, big boxes get saved in the garage because, oftentimes, they are the best toys you could ever buy your child.

They saw the boxes and asked to bring them onto the driveway. Last summer, it would have been to design their own Gup-Z and Gup-C to go on assorted Octonaut adventures. This summer, they started building huge imaginary castles, they tended to tiny villagers, and feared the dreaded creepers.

They invented a way to play Minecraft outside, out of big huge boxes.

It's Summer. Go Play Minecraft Outside.

It’s summer, go play outside.

When your kids are bored they’ll be their most creative. Trust me.

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