[twitter]I love messenger bags.

Having a bag hang over my shoulder keeps my hands free and let’s me comfortably carry my gear. I don’t go for the tiny ‘murse’ style bags, I like something that I can take to work, and traveling, with enough space to carry computers, tablets, tickets, and more.

My new discovery is Man-Pack. Here’s inventor Aaron Tweedie giving you a rundown on the versatility of his Man-Pack.

It’s a pretty cool project. It’s comfortable, it’s easy to use, and it has a number of pockets making it versatile. That beverage pocket on the side might even allow the Man-Pack to stylishly switch into a diaper bag that nobody would be the wiser to.

Tweedie has had success with his Man-PACK Classic, (3 on the right) and has now taken to Kickstarter to seek backers for Man-PACK Classic 2.0, an updated version with padding, a smaller logo, and locking clasps (below far left).


I took the Man-PACK Classic out for a spin:

+ Easy to wear and comfortable. Weight is on your back hip, and the velcro strap with security clip makes it easy to keep on or take off.
+ Lots of options for pockets
+ Magnet clasps are quick and easy to flip open
+ Perfect for carrying tablets and 11″ or smaller notebooks
+ The design is very good. The chest pocket for your phone, and collapsable water pouch are great ideas, as is the secure zip pocket on the back.

– A 13″ Macbook Air is a tight squeeze in the bag.
– The wordmark logo is a little big and bold (it has been removed for Man-Pack Classic 2.0)
– No padded protection for your gear in the bag (another thing being updated for version 2.0)

The Man-PACK is $44.95 and available in desert tan, black, and olive drab.

Thanks to Man Pack for supporting Team Diabetes Canada in exchange for this sponsored content.

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