[twitter]“It’s a girl!”

That was all the email from my sister said. I was at a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland when I found out my sister had finally had her baby.

I had planned to stop in to visit her in Montreal on my return trip to Calgary from Scotland where I was running with Team Diabetes, but because of the secretive nature of the baby’s gender, I had no idea what kind of Scottish gift to get the kid.

“It’s a girl!”

Now I knew, a cute little tartan dress in our family’s pattern.

Her name is Margot, and when I held her for the first time, those days in 2007 and 2010 came flooding back. Zacharie will be six tomorrow, and I had forgotten how tiny he once was. Soon I will no longer be able to carry up to bed at night, or cuddle him on my lap. Holding Margot brought all those wonderful early childhood memories back.

The way they stare right into your soul. The flicking of their tongues seeking a suckle. The maleable clenching and unclenching of their hands. The fresh, clean smell. And the hair, oh the big mess of baby hair they have when they’re born.

Welcome, Margot. It’s great to have you here.

Btw, I took inspiration from Margot’s arrival and my sister’s collection of baby gear to write a post for the Future Shop Tech Blog about the kind of things you need (and don’t need) when babies arrive.dadcamp fire

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