Modern technologies have shaped the telephone into mini supercomputers than fit into our pockets. Yet too often are our smartphones deemed as the end of society as we know it, but is it possible to use these smartphones to increase income?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways one can make an income through the use of a smartphone.

Use An Investing App

You could be seeking some additional money right now, but one of the wisest choices you could make is to also make preparations for your future so that you can be financially secure in the years to come.

There are some incredible investing applications that can assist you to earn profit from the use of your phone today, all while increasing your investment as you become older.

Try Your Luck At Sports Betting

Okay, this might sound like a long stretch but read it out. Sports betting is mostly partaken in a carefree manner and is usually done while under the influence to enjoy and indulge oneself better in a sporting bout. Betting can actually be done differently and with a few strategies, research and small-time betting one can actually significantly increase their chances of making a profit.

Punters usually look for large and risky bets that tend to make up for huge losses. Better slow and steady to incur small wins that will eventually add up to a nice sum rather than bet everything on a high-risk bet for a slight chance at making it big.

Sell Off Old Stuff

There are few among us who don’t possess items that are only collecting dust. A lot of internet marketplaces will buy them from you. If you have something you need to sell, take good images of it and post them online along with the pricing and your contact information.

Jiji is a mobile application that facilitates the introduction of customers and merchants. You just take a picture of your wares, assign them to one of the app’s predefined selling categories, set your asking price, and enter your contact information for interested customers to reach out to you. Nigerians, in particular, use this software on their mobile devices to earn money.

Poshmark: exactly like the Jiji app, you snap images of the clothing you wish to sell and immediately publish them for sale.

eBay is an online marketplace where sellers may list their wares and wait for interested buyers to place bids on them. This method is straightforward, quick, and straightforward to utilise.

Become A Web Guinea-Pig

Just like the 11 cool facts about newborns becoming test participants can have many surprises. Businesses are interested in customer feedback because it helps them improve their offerings. Also, there are others that will compensate you for your opinion. UserTesting is a service that assists businesses in collecting this kind of informational feedback in order to enhance their products and services. Earning $4 USD for just a 5- minute user test and an additional $10 USD for a 20-minute user test is advertised on the website. You may make $30 to $120 per interview, depending on how long it lasts.

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