Dear Santa

We’ve been struggling with the Santa secret for Zacharie this year. He pieced it all together quite suddenly and had his imagination crushed.

He’s been moping for a few days, almost as if a best friend had died.

So I’m trying to lift his spirits by inviting him to be Santa.  We explained to him, as his bubbles were bursting, that there is no one Santa. That all of us work together to bring joy and goodness around the world, and Santa needs a team to become reality.

Then a friend passed me this little nugget about exposing the Santa secret. Instead of bursting a bubble, it’s an invitation to participate.

“In our family, we have a special way of transitioning the kids from receiving from Santa, to becoming a Santa. This way, the Santa construct is not a lie that gets discovered, but an unfolding series of good deeds ..”

You should read the whole thing, it really is a great idea. It’s a pre-emptive strike to invite them to something bigger instead of demolishing that magic they put their heart and soul into.

It’s a very believable twist to make too, especially if you’ve been having your kids “play Santa” by doing good deeds and giving back this time of year.  Each year the boys drop off toys at a fire hall for girls and boys in need, and they help us pack together kits for lonely seniors. They even draw up pictures for our seniors signing them “from Santa.”

It’s heartbreaking to see my son so sad at learning about Santa.

But I’m already starting to see a glimmer in his eye that he now knows he gets to be Santa. Being a grown up and being a part of this secret comes with great responsibility to keep the spirit of giving alive.

And he’s on board.

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