Interview With Richard “Huck” Scarry Jr

Huckle and Lowly Busytown
Richard Scarry's Busytown

[twitter]There are 3 names that simply sum up the media consumption of children: Henson. Seuss. Scarry.

Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm are two characters instantly recognizable by parents and children alike. For generations, Richard Scarry‘s books have been giving children an entrance into learning with beautiful art, and fun characters.

Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book, and What Do People Do All Day? are classics I remember from my childhood, and have shared with my kids. They’re just 2 of his over 300 titles in circulation, five are among the Publisher’s Weekly “Top 100 List of All-Time Best-Selling Children’s Books.”

Scarry’s stories from Busytown have been turned into a traveling stage production, and I had a chance to chat with Richard Scarry‘s son, Huck (Richard Scarry Jr) about the making of the books, and why these classics are truly art pieces.

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