[twitter]We had some last minute scrambling before jetting off to Bermuda this week. It was the usual things: travel toothbrush, hair products, and peanut butter.

Yes, peanut butter.

Whenever we travel, we bring a jar of peanut butter. It’s a simple thing to make sure that, no matter what, we won’t go hungry.

Jennifer started it when we took our first trip abroad to Easter Island with Team Diabetes. She was pregnant and wanted to make sure that she would be able to have something to eat in case the local food was a little too much to take. Ever since, she’s brought peanut butter when we travel.

It’s especially good when we travel with the kids as we can whip up sandwiches or snacks on the go without constantly digging in to our pockets to pay for food.

When we head to Los Cabos for our winter break next month, we will bring the jar lest the boys get uber picky at the daily buffet that never seems to change. Heck, we even appreciate the simple joy of a PB&J when we’re faced with the same food selections each day, so we at least always pack the peanut butter.

For this trip to Bermuda, I’ve smuggled in some other things into the suitcase too. Food is expensive on this island nation, and having your own breakfast items makes life so easy. So we’ve got some Starbucks Via coffee packets, some Nature Valley Lunch Box snack bars, a box of Edge with Protein cereal.

Pack Your Cereal When You Travel

When we landed, we got some milk, bread, and other non-persihables, and we were good to go for a few days of lounging by a cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Having your own breakfast in your room doesn’t have to be complicated, but can easily save you $20 a day on a trip. Packing the cereal, snacks, and peanut butter takes up less room than your 4 pairs of shoes 😉

Since I’m here to do a run with Team Diabetes, having a protein packed breakfast is great for after my runs. Edge with Protein is crunchy, sweet and perfect after my workouts.


Disclosure: I’m a paid brand ambassador for Life Made Delicious.

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